The Kul Sharif Mosque

The Kul Sharif mosque is the main Juma mosque of the Tatarstan Republic and Kazan. It was opened on June 24th, 2005, for the 1000th anniversary of the city and is located on a territory of the Kazan Kremlin. The building of the Kul-Sharif in the plan looks like two crossed squares at a 45° angle, … Continue reading


Kamchatka Peninsula is a wonderful region on the edge of the Asian part of Russia, washed by two seas and the Pacific ocean. The main sights of Kamchatka are its volcanoes, of which there are more than 300. Also there is the world famous Valley of geysers – a concentration of thermal sources, included to … Continue reading

Unusual Moscow Metro trains

Moscow underground is not just one of the most beautiful in the world, it is also one of the most creative! Find five amazing trains and try to catch them during your stay! 1) Reading Moscow. Inside this train you could find pictures of famous literature heroes and passages from literary works. Round line (Koltsevaya, … Continue reading

Soviet Lifestyle Museum in Kazan

During your trip to Kazan be sure to take a couple of hours to visit the Soviet Lifestyle Museum. A truly amazing place, created by designer and photographer Rustem Valiakhmetov, will cheer you up, no matter lived you in the 60-80th or not. The Museum is truly interactive: here you can try on some clothes, look … Continue reading


Zhostovo, a small village near Moscow, is a major centre of Russian folk art. For more than 150 years its gifted craftsmen have engaged in producing painted lacquer trays. Every Zhostovo tray is an original work, for the artists do not copy any models. Excursion to the workshop may include a master-class on painting trays … Continue reading

Rabochiy and kolkhoznitsa monument

“Rabochiy i kolkhoznitsa” – an outstanding monument about 25 metres high, a symbol of the Soviet epoch. It was created by Vera Mukhina for the USSR pavilion at the world exhibition in Paris in 1937. It is located near metro station “VDNKH” , so you can successfully combine a visit to the monument and exhibitions … Continue reading

Curious facts

Do you know that the widest street in the world is the Shmidt street? It is located in Russia (city of Yejsk) and Ukraine (city of Mariuopl), but in Russia you could find just odd numbers of houses and in Ukraine just even. The street is divided by Azov sea and its width is about … Continue reading


Vinzavod – Moscow modern art cultural center, located behind rusting Kurskiy Train Station. The former factory and storage premises nowadays accommodate art and photo galleries, concept shops and cafes. You could always check the current program of the Vinzavod Center and decide which exhibitions to visit.

Gorky Museum in Moscow

Maxim Gorky museum would definetely be loved by his fans and architecture lovers. Ryabushinsky Manor, where the museum is located, was designed by one of Russia’s most celebrated art nouveau architects – Fyodor Schehtel and gifted to celebrated author Maxim Gorky in 1931. This house combines spectecular stairs,  ceiling murals, stained glass windows, oak panelling and … Continue reading

Cheese farm in the Moscow area

If you like gastronomic tours and have a free weekend, think about Jay Cheese Farm in the Moscow region. American Jay Robert Close spent 17 years working in the restaurant and club business in downtown Moscow, after that he moved to a small village called Mashnitsa, 55 kilometres to the North from Moscow. Now he  … Continue reading

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